Compare And Contrast Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

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Did you ever wonder whether tap or bottled water was better for drinking? Some people only rely on tap water throughout their entire lives while some use tap water for only cleaning uses. In this project I will determine if tap of bottled water is better for drinking purposes, for I have wondered the same question. I want to inform people that bottled water is also harmful. Most people think that bottled water is the innocent neutral substance next to tap water. In this literature review I will go over the ingredients in tap and bottled water and how they are both processed. I will also include the waterborne diseases that you can receive from bottled water and tap water. Who ever thought bottled water would be pernicious? First lets talk about the basics of water. If you didn’t already know, water is known to be a polar covalent molecule, which stands as neutral on the PH (potential of hydrogen) scale. It also acts as a possible indication of life. Based on Duke University water studies, a man’s body is 60% water and a woman’s body is 50% while in both genders, the brain is 75% water, which makes water an extremely important factor in the human body. Water is also…show more content…
When focusing on the U.S., when you think of tap water you think of it coming from your house faucet or hose, when you think of faucets and hoses you think of pipes, when you think of pipes you think of sewage, bacteria, and rust underground which makes tap water frowned upon. But what if I told you from the provided information of Care2, annually, Americans consume 8.6 billions gallons of bottled water and 40% of bottled water is actually from pure tap water. Bottled water can even be distributed when it hasn’t even met the EPA standards for tap water, which makes anyone vulnerable to waterborne diseases and illnesses. Water bottles also are part of three billion pounds of

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