Campbell Soup Company Strategic Management Process

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Campbell Soup Company is a well-known producer of canned soups and related products. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a 5-10 year strategic management process. The company is now 3 years into the 5-10 year strategic management process and the company expands into a second soup, 10 oz cans of tomato soup. As of now, the company is at the third, the company acquired cracker business. Next step, the company has decided to expand into second soup 10oz cans of tomato soup and it sells to four plants and due to the expansion into China the revenue has grown 3%. Strategic management process is the process through which managers formulate and implement strategies to optimizing strategic goal achievement. One of the main general goals was to reduce cost while adding one product, and deals with the quality and product efficiency problems. The vice…show more content…
Strategies to reduce costs: Improve supply chain management - by reorganizing the entire supply chain, a company can reduce costs and improve profitability and improve time to market. Tomato soups manufacturers have owed the necessary resources to speed up the order to delivery cycle and improve the entire supply chain. Manufacturers are establishing technology links can help to speed up with the new product (10oz cans of tomato soup). The manufacturer and the international markets like China, in many cases, work together to improve products and operations and thus reduce material costs, improve delivery timing. The other way to improve productivity: Improve production development is one of the least implicit and least valued aspects of manufacturing and distribution. A common result of poor production is product flow imbalances. Quality of the new product (10oz cans of tomato soup): Quality of the new product (10oz cans of tomato

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