Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Dracula

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Elizabeth Wein's novel, Code Name Verity, is an incredible work of love, loss, and no shortage of heartbreak. Code Name Verity is a beautiful story of two friends torn by wartime in Nazi-occupied Europe. The novel itself is broken into two parts, the written confessions of "Verity" (titled as such) and the log book entries of her best friend Maddie (titled "Kittyhawk") after her crash landing. In Verity's first entry, she is describing her miserable life as a prisoner of war. The Gestapo had taken her clothes during interrogation and she is asking for them back as payment for her confessions. She starts to write them in English, admitting that she doesn't have the ability to write them in either German nor French. The macabre Fraulein Engel is her translator. Verity wants to tell the whole story, and the Nazis allow her to do so as long as she gives them the information they want.…show more content…
Verity notes Maddie's excellent sense of direction, which was put to good use after her grandfather gave her a motorbike for her sixteenth birthday. The bike also helped her learn to fix engines well. While out on a ride in the hills, Maddie bore witness to a plane crashing in a field. Though the pilot had indeed crash landed, Maddie was still inspired by the female pilot. The pilot was later discovered to be a woman named Dympna Wythenshawe. Verity said that she remembered the name due to the silliness of it. It's Dympna who teaches Maddie to fly a

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