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CAIN AND ABLE Genesis 4 After Adam and Eve disobeyed God, He drove them out of the beautiful home He had made for them. Somewhere outside the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve built a home for themselves. Adam had to work hard to get enough food for him and Eve. Eve also learned about pain and sorrow. Their home was not as happy as it had been before Eve listened to the devil’s voice, and chose to disobey God. God did not stop loving Adam and Eve, but He could no longer walk and talk with them as he had done before. Sin had separated them because where sin is God will not go. God was very sorry about the separation and, no doubt, Adam and Eve were sorry, too. Because God still loved Adam and Eve, He promised them a Savior. Adam and Eve…show more content…
Then one day God gave Adam and Eve a baby boy. They named him Cain. Then, very soon after Cain had been born God gave them another little boy, and they named him Able. In time Cain and Able grew to be men. Cain worked in the fields raising grain and fruit. Able took care of a flock of sheep. God had made known to Cain and Able exactly what kind of sacrifice or offering He wanted. (Hebrews 10:4 & Romans 10:17) But when these brothers built altars upon which they offered their gifts to God, Cain brought grain and fruit from his fields. Able brought a lamb. Cain’s offering did not please God because it was not what God wanted. God was pleased with the sacrifice Able made because it was exactly what God had requested. Cain was not happy because God was displeased with his sacrifice and pleased with the sacrifice that Able made. One day while the brothers were together out in the field, Cain picked a fight with Able. Now, you know, nothing good can ever come from a fight, because fighting is wrong. Well, this fight ended in Cain doing a terrible thing. He killed his brother Able. God spoke to Cain, and asked, “Where is Able, your

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