Examples Of Discrimination In A Tale Of Two Cities

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Discrimination towards outsiders(aliens) has been an ordeal for thousands of years. The close minded trait that many humans pursue has left a sour opinion towards others that are different. Race, Religion and Politics are 3 main things that usually differentiate people in all societies. In both “ A Tale of Two Cities” and “Merchant of Venice” discrimination is a big factor that plays out throughout both reads, which targets certain characters or “outsiders” more than others. Two main characters and arguably the most important ones that are viewed upon as outsiders are Shylock a jewish money lender from “Merchant of Venice” and Sydney Carton a lazy depressed alcoholic attorney from “ A Tale of Two Cities”. Both characters face many setbacks because of the view others have on them and relate in a sense they are both looked down on from other characters as…show more content…
Antonio comes too shylock begging him to lend money. Shylock hates Antonio because of the way he has treated him over the years. He verbally abuses Shylock and even spits on him. Despite it all Shylock agrees to lending him money under one condition that in return for interest he wants 1 pound of flesh. In the end this backfires because the deal was he gets a pound of flesh no more no less..making it impossible for him to get. Shylock and Antonio go to court and Shylock just walking through the door he is set too disadvantage being all the judges are Christian. Shylock gets screwed over and ends up losing all of his wealth and also his dignity as he is forced into converting to Christianity. He loses his Wealth, Daughter and Religion which is basically everything he has accompanied by all of the humiliation he faces. Him losing everything he has shows that in the end he really does “pay the most price” because what more does he have left. Carton falls in love with Lucy one of the only positive feelings he has ever felt but is put back too where he was before

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