The Pros And Cons Of Arming Pilots

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The first thing people think of when they hear about pilots being armed is ”no way”. People think of it as having complete strangers holding their lives in stranger’s hands. However, people fail to realize that pilots already are in absolute control of the plane. So passengers should just embrace the fact of arming pilots. It’s better to be safe then sorry. Just in case something terrible happen pilots should be prepared for the challenge. Arming Pilots on U.S Airlines are beneficial because it keeps all passengers safe, it can prevent terrorists from hijacking the planes, and it saves airlines tons of money. The main reason to arm pilots are because of what took place on 9/11. Terrorists were able to hijack 4 american airlines…show more content…
So by arming pilots save money. How? By letting go air marshals. The problem is there about 35,000 flights a day in the United States. Hiring even half of marshals, assuming each marshal made at least two flights a day and never missed a flight, that would cost about$1 billion dollars annually. Armed pilots protect the same amount of flights that other marshals do. If air marshals happen to be on board a flight that is attacked by a terrorists, the terrorist is going to kill the marshal first. Then they now have reached the cockpit and possibly thousands of people would die because the pilots were defenseless. The air marshals are way too expensive and they can just get in the way of the pilots doing their jobs. These are the main and most important reasons why arming pilots is really pleasing and healthy idea. Most of it talked about super important things like how to keep passengers safe, preventing future terrorists attacks, and how to save the U.S money. Maybe if this was an actually law today then there would be fewer hijacking attempts and more protected and pleasant rides. So people should think twice before saying “no way” to the idea of

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