Ethical Issues In The Houston Texans Organization

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I have been with the Houston Texans as an employee for six years, and I have dealt with different types of issues while being a Tailgate Ambassador. For instance, a fellow Tailgate Ambassador sexual harassed me to the point the harassment offended a tailgater and I had to report the issue to my Lot Supervisor and Human Resources; a fan hit me in the jaw when I was trying to stop a fight. I even had a fan who threw up on me because he was drunk. My valet crew wrecked my suite holders’ vehicles. I have dealt with every issue with a smile, continued to “Create raving fans”, moved on and asked for help when I needed to. I have never had issues as I have had during the time between the reporting hours 100 to 200 those hours were the most…show more content…
I do not fault the suite holder for being so angry about the mud in her new car. Besides cleaning the seat to the best of my ability, I should have…show more content…
The Houston Texans Organization has two forms of polices regarding employees. The first set of polices come from the NFL. The NFL polices are not just for the players and coaches the entire organization follow the NFL polices. For instance, the “Personal Conduct Policy” when a player breaks a policy by getting arrested the player faces a fine, suspension or fired. If a staff member breaks a “Personal Conduct Policy”, the staff member faces the same punishment except fine the fine on the staff side is a written warning. The Houston Texans have added to the NFL policies and polices consist of regulations regarding staff, player and celebrity interactions, attendance, media polices, weight room regulations and Texans Café policies. Full-time employees and interns receive the policies on their hire date. Part-time, game day and temporary employees receive the NFL and Houston Texans “Policies and Procedures” at their mandatory orientation. Human Resources will send amendments to all staff members regardless of the employment type via email. The NFL, NFLPA, department heads, Jamey Rootes, Mr. Bob McNair and coaches make the changes to the policies and procedures. The policies of the Houston Texans and NFL are strictly enforced; however, we do bend a few policies so we can continue to “Create Raving Fans”. The policies we bend are mainly polices that deal with cell

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