Broken Windows Theory Essay

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Introduction In every day research, the test to prove many theories used has always existed over the centuries. From the simple tests to the most complex, there is one factor connecting each study – there is a theory that needed to be proved. Theories are important in any study. They form the basis of argument in any research which needs to be proved as either true or false. In the field of criminal justice, theories also play a vital role in ensuring that there is a growth in the way we understand things and they form the basis of summaries and try to explain different phenomena in the justice system. There are many but our focus will only be on one – the broken windows theory. The theory and phenomenon it describes The broken windows theory…show more content…
The theory is based on the fact that when disorder in a society sets in, it leads to a breakdown in social order which in then provides a platform where crime can grow. Disorder, according to this theory, can be divided into two; physical disorder and social disorder. Physical disorder can be described as the unruliness expressed on the physical surroundings of a society. Such things as littering, graffiti on walls, vandalism among others are forms of physical disorder. Social disorder can described as blatant disregard for the law while being involved in such activities as prostitution, drug peddling, unnecessary loitering and any activity that leads to social…show more content…
An increase in disorder led to an increase in robberies in the neighborhood the disorder was reported. This was common in two empirical studies conducted in different neighborhoods. Studies by Harcourt and Skogan showed that disorder did not affect other crimes other than robbery. However, studies by Ralph Taylor who concluded that specific crimes were propagated by specific types of disorders in the society. Other researchers, namely Robert Sampson and Stephen Raudenbush concluded that disorder and crime were a result of low collective efforts by the

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