Chemical Reaction Lab Report

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Many chemical reactions that take place in our bodies require great amounts of energy to even begin. Enzymes are substances that help reactants reach the energy needed to react, and make reactions run to completion quicker. Without the use of enzymes, many chemical reactions would not be able to form their products or would occur much slower. The activation energy needed to start product formation is sometimes too high and the reactions cannot break the bonds holding the reactants together, and therefore, do not form products. Enzymes are specialized, in active site shape, for certain substrates that are needed for specific reactions. The difference in molecules that are catalyzed leads to many different enzymes in our bodies, each catalyzing…show more content…
Activation energy is the kinetic energy sufficient enough to overcome the barrier restricting reactants from breaking the bonds holding them together and forming products. Enzymes do not add energy to the reaction however, with the aid of an enzyme, the energy needed to form products is lowered making it easier for the reaction to take place. The lowering of the activation energy is done by enzymes binding to the transition state, the point where bonds are being broken and reformed, more tightly than to the reactants which stabilized the complex. The lower activation energy also means that the reaction can run quicker. The quicker the reaction happens, the more reactions that can be completed. Enzymes are not altered during a chemical reaction and are then able to catalyze another one once the initial reaction is…show more content…
Cofactors can be organic (forming coenzymes) or inorganic, and they aid the enzyme in functioning when amino acids cannot perform certain activities. Cofactors bind to the active site, but are not substrates of the reaction. They aid the enzyme in catalysis of the reaction. Cofactors may act as electron carriers, attract or repel certain substrates, or help transfer groups of atoms needed to complete a chemical reaction. By completing these functions, the cofactors are able to speed up a reaction. Without the aid of cofactors, certain enzymes would not be able to complete the task of catalyzing

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