Why Did The Yu Yaunzhang Lose The Ming Dynasty?

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The Ming Dynasty was started form Zhu Yaunzhang after he claimed the Mandate of Heaven in 1368 establishing the Ming Dynasty . The Ruling empire lasted for a span of almost 300 years, prosperous from industry and trade with other European nations and freer private trade, however it came to demise due to internal rebellions and attacks from the Machus . During the last 40 years of the Yuan Dynasty , expanding from 1279 to 1368, there was several catastrophes like famine, drought , flooding on the Yellow River , bubonic plague , and other natural disasters. In this time its believed that tens of millions of individuals had perished, however at this time it was seen that the Yuan Dynasty had lost the Mandate of Heaven. This fact that the dynasty was seen as a “failure” so that encouraged people to rebel . Beginning in the 1350’s , there was over 20 recorded rebellions. The Yaun troops had tried to resolve the quells that would break out , but as the rebellions grew and multiplied in size , the rebels had stated taking cities and holding larger tracks of Yuan territory . These armies became very large and, one of the most robust ones is the south Yangtze River army led by Zhu Yuanzhang .…show more content…
It’s believed that he was the youngest of his seven to eight brothers however due to poverty, and the flooding of the Yellow river many of his brothers we traded away or died in the flooding of his family home. Joining a Buddhist monastery he had learned how to read and write, however the temple was destroyed by The Mongol’s army campaign against rebellion. This was one of the pushing factors that pushed him to join the rebel group of the large Red Turban army who shared common beliefs in Zoroastrianism and Buddhism as he did , he quickly grew in ranks and became leader before he even reached 30

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