The Akedah: A Very Brief Comparison Of Isaac And Joseph

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The Akedah, the binding of Isaac, is a foreshadowing of Christ’s life and him serving as the paschal lamb to be sacrificed. Isaac and Joseph endure both being almost killed and bound. The akedah, the binding of Isaac, is emulated in ways in the story of Joseph. Both Isaac and Joseph were not the firstborn sons of their father’s by birthright, but are the firstborn sons of their mothers. Rather, they were the first born of the beloved wives of the men. Sarah and Rachel, the wives of Abraham and Jacob, are barren and thus do not give birth to the firstborn sons for the husbands. Both women desire their son to be the heir of their husband. Sarah has Abraham banish Hagar and Ishmael so that Isaac would not have to share the inheritance that was due to Ishmael. Jacob, because Rachel is his beloved wife, chooses to love Joseph more than his older sons. In both cases Isaac and Joseph are the younger but preferred sons of their fathers. Both father’s speak of their love for their beloved son and both almost lose…show more content…
Like Isaac being bound by his father and about to be killed as a sacrifice, Joseph’s brother’s out of jealously bind Joseph and attempted to kill him. Instead of covering their hands with his blood, they decide to sell him into slavery. The jealously that drove Joseph’s brother’s to nearly kill him is similarly to that of Esau’s rage against Jacob. Jacob tricks his father into giving him his inheritance. He obtains it, like Isaac (Abraham’s son) and Joseph obtain their fathers’ inheritance without being the firstborn. Esau and Joseph’s brothers have right to be made for they sought to follow the law. Esau is tricked by Jacob and Joseph flaunts his father’s favoritism, provoking his brothers. Joseph’s story mimics the story of Isaac and Esau. Even though Esau desires to kill Jacob they reconcile and regain peace in their relationship, as Joseph does with his

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