Madonna And Child Enthroneed With Saints

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The Madonna and Child enthroned with Saints is a work of art by Michele Coltellini, who was an Italian Painter. The painting medium is oil on panel and it is dated during 1506, or the Renaissance period. This painting depicts Mary and the Christ child enthroned surrounded by numerous saints gazing both toward and away from them. This painting has very distinct lines, distinct shapes, sharp definition, no blurriness, and shadows. These distinct lines form distinct shapes, which help to focus on the subject of the painting, Mary and the Christ child. These features also help to give each object in the painting a place. Each figure is clearly represented in the painting. The painting has dark colors, which stand out from the light background. In the background you can find golden yellow/ beige colors, as well as light blues and greens. There are reddish, yellow, and blue- green hues throughout the entire painting; therefore, the painting depicts both warm and cool colors. The Virgin Mary is wearing a deep blue veil, which makes her stand out very sharply form the background color. The Virgin is also the only figure in the painting that is wearing that color and bold lines also carve all other figures out.…show more content…
Each figure has its own distinct spot in the painting. The Virgin Mary and Christ Child are the center of the painting surrounded by St. Michael and St. John the Baptist, as well as St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Jerome. The Virgin Mary and Christ Child are raised up on a throne, which illustrates their prominence in the painting. The six figures dominate the painting and the Virgin Mary and Christ child are the undeniable focus, positioned in the center. This painting is a massive altarpiece that is about 97 3/8 x 65 ½ x 1-½ inches. The painting gives the viewer a good look at the subject of the painting and makes you feel as though you are actually present in the

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