Bottled Water Is Better Than Tap Water Essay

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Why Bottled Water Is Better “Researchers have shown that millions of Americans regularly drink tap water that is contaminated with toxic and cancer-causing chemicals such as lead, trihalomethanes (THMs), arsenic, radioactive materials, and pesticides.”(Mott 1997) This quote taken from the National Resource Defense Council shows how dangerous tap water can be to your health and the amounts of contaminants in the water supply. Contaminated tap water has been known to cause illness to many people. But, bottled water is more regulated by the FDA to ensure the consumer is not bringing contaminants into their body.The Food and Drug Administration had a specific set of manufacturing processes for bottled water.This is one of many reasons bottled water is better than tap water.…show more content…
Bottled water can be purchased almost anywhere at any given time. One of the many positive effects of bottled water being connvient is it helps to stay hydrated by always having it on hand. Bottled water is also a spill proof option, which is more convient when in a hurry. Bottled water can easily be dispossed of when finished, instead of carring around a glass from home all day. Also, when tap water is not available because of natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina bottled water provides aid by being clean, sanitary, and connvient. In addition, taste plays a big role to why bottled water is better. While doing a taste test in class, it was obvious which sample of water was tap water. Tap water has a taste that is distinctive. If the tap water is from a well it is easy to identify a strong taste of iron and sulfur in the water. If from the city it is easy to identify a taste of chemicals such as chlorine. Another way that bottled water is superior to tap water in taste is the variety that is offered. Bottled water offers assorted flavors and even

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