Furry And Bourbon Play Analysis

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Laundry and Bourbon’s scenic design and more over their believable actresses help prove that this play is a well-produced one, and it is furthered proved by the audience’s reaction to all of the special moments in the performance. The play follows a story of three housewives, Elizabeth, her bombastic best friend Hattie, and the always sassy Amy Lee, during a scorching day in a small town in Texas, as they sip on a few glasses of bourbon and coke and tell about the struggles in their personal lives, and gossip about all the hot rumors in their tiny town. But, things get heated as their visit progresses and a few secrets come to light. As I sat in the audience, the first thing that struck me was the scenic design, it really helped sell the small town in Texas vibe. The stage was set as the front porch of a little, dusty yellow house complete with an old and tiny TV, a set of tables and chairs, simple decorations for the house, and even their use of smaller props such as a cigarette, and basket of laundry made it easier to believe that these women were housewives who lived life just like everyone else. Their use of props and overall setting design made me feel as if I was sitting on the same porch as those three housewives and helped to let…show more content…
The acting was so believable, that I actually was a woman tear up as Elizabeth (played by Chelsea Denard) began to reveal the sad details of her failing marriage. I couldn’t help but laugh along with the rest of the audience every time Hattie (Cecily Maucieri) cracked a joke about someone, especially her rambunctious children and Amy Lee’s (Rachel Bollinger) sarcastic and sly blows towards Hattie and along with her hard fall of the porch (which I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or not but, she made it look incredibly smooth), only added to the comedy. The crowd’s response only proved to show how phenomenal the three women’s acting

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