Boot Knife Essay

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Boot Knives Boot knives are sleek knives that are strapped to one's boot or bottom part of your leg and primarily used for hunting, fishing and personal safety. Generally stored in a sheath on a person's leg but some also supply long enough cords so that the knife can be laced to the waist as well. When a person loves the outdoors it is a useful piece of equipment to carry for any event where a knife needs to be quickly accessible whether it is to cut up some food or for self-protection. Some of them are fitted with an emergency warning device such as a whistle should a person need assistance. Boot knives are good self-protection accessories which are out of sight and not intimidating. Features Boot knives come in lots of different shapes and sizes and it very much depends on what catches the person eye when it comes to buying boot knives. The quality of the steel, the length and shape of the blade are all criteria that are down to personal taste. •The quality of the steel is what makes a good boot knife and also contributes to the sharpness of the blade •The weight and shape of the knife become important depending on where the person would like to fasten it on the body or with the smaller types hang them around the neck. •The uses that a person would like to use the knife for. •The…show more content…
The G10 handle offers a superior grip even in wet conditions and the blade is made from stainless steel. The G440 stainless steel contains more carbon giving it excellent hardness and edge retention. The blade is two toned and half-serrated making it more versatile for field work. The Xtreme is made to a high quality and will take a lot of abuse but it will probably not be advisable to expose it to salt water as it will probably rust. The blade is made from high-carbon steel which is very brittle so be careful not to drop the knife on its tip as it might break

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