Heisman Trophy Research Paper

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The Heisman Trophy is “an award given to the most outstanding player in college football each year” (Heisman Trophy). This award has been coveted by many college football players for years because it is an award that is given to one player for an exceptional performance in the game of football in that season. The winner of the Heisman Trophy was voted on by a group of people whom are either former winners of the Heisman Trophy or sport journalists (Heisman Trophy). As of December 2014, fifteen out of the seventy-seven Heisman Trophy winners did not get drafted into the National Football League (Mind-blowing Stats for the Heisman Trophy). Winning the Heisman Trophy does not guarantee success in the National Football League in winnings nor popularity.…show more content…
However, statistics have shown otherwise. From 1950 to December of 2014, twenty-seven quarterbacks have won the Heisman Trophy, but only twenty of those quarterbacks were given starting positions in the NFL (Mind-blowing Stats for the Heisman Trophy). Of the twenty starting quarterbacks, only four players have a winning record in regular season (Mind-blowing Stats for the Heisman Trophy). Since 1992, not a single Heisman Trophy winner has won a Super Bowl, been declared conference player of the year, or been declared NFL player of the year (Where Have All the Heisman Trophy Winners Gone in the NFL?). Winning the Heisman gives college football players credit and respect that they rightfully deserve, but according to stats, not all former winners meet the standards people set them to, which is because of the players’ past

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