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Lately crimes have become more and more frequent in the United States, causing a frenzy of forensic discoveries. One of the more recent and useful discoveries is, blood spatter analysis. Blood Spatter may be useful to determine the type of weapon used in a murder case. Since homicide has become even more apparent in our everyday culture, analyzing blood has become a practical necessity to shorten the time of murder weapon discovery. Low Force Impact Spatter can identify a variety of smaller sized weapons that could potentially be the murder weapon. Low Force Impact Spatter are large, circle shaped blood spatters, with a diameter of 4 mm. Low Force Impact Spatter will increase in size as the distance fallen increases. Low Force Impact…show more content…
Medium Force Impact Spatter is produced with more energy than what gravity can produce. Medium Force Impact Spatter is associated with blunt force injuries and stabbings. Medium Force Impact Spatter is produced from large drops being broken into many smaller droplets of blood. High Force Impact Spatter can analyze the larger, more destructive weapons used in murder cases. High Force Impact Spatter is a type of impact spatter that measures less than two millimeters in diameter. High Force Impact Spatter requires force needed to produce spatter size more than one hundred feet per second. High Force Impact Spatter is usually associated with gunshots, explosions, and collisions. High Force Impact Spatter is typically associated with extreme, dangerous crimes such as mass murder. Blood patterns can analyze the murder weapon placement, as well. Projected pattern, or a blood pattern projected from the ejection of a volume of blood under pressure, can help pin point the location of where the murderer and the weapon was at during the murder. The location is a key factor because, it can help determine little characteristics about the murderer and the weapon itself like how tall or short the person was. Also, Cast-off pattern, or blood pattern resulting from blood drops released from object itself and its motion, can help determine the type of weapon actually used. Cast-off pattern is a useful, forensic tool

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