The Cat With The Hat Short Story

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“ Yes my lord” Liam said. “ Wolf, Tell Lord Aiken about your family” Liam said. “ I have a wife and two daughters, my lord. Maya and Tara” Wolf said and laughed. “ His wife is a brave woman to do it twice” Aiken said. “ His wife is a very good woman. She is pretty and small like a bird. My lord, and she loves him so much my lord” Liam said. “ A man thinks that he live, enough to see everything. But it seems the life keep teaching you something new everyday” Aiken commented. “ Tell me Wolf, what can you do with metals ? And what kind of metals are you known ?” Aiken asked. “ Name me anything you want your Grace, a cooking pot, a sword, a table. I know all the metal works my lord” Wolf said. “ Do you know how to make a special mould ” Aiken asked. “ My lord, he will never understand you like this. I…show more content…
Lord Torrance was ready for the tale-telling time. He picked a good spot where he can be seen by all people, and started his narrative at once -The cat with the hat -. “ The cat was happy with his new hat. He kept it on his head wherever he goes although it was bothering him when he needs to use his ears. But it was making him feel warm all the time, and he wanted to show his friend that he values her gift. The cat started to feel strange about himself, as he noticed that it's not only talking what he was capable of, but he can also think , reason and feel either sad or happy or bored even. He can laugh and smile. One day he was sitting on the table and looking around, snezhana was busy preparing the food, and she didn't notice what her cat was doing. “ How old are you my friend?” The cat asked while he was scratching his neck. “ Eighteen years old, my friend” snezhana replied. “ That's a big number for a cat, we can count only to ten!” The cat replied. “ You are a sweet girl. Why don't you have a mate?” the cat said while he was curling his whiskers with his

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