Blackfish Documentary Summary: Tilikum

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When not acting, Tilikum lives in prison, where he can hardly move, what causes psychological problems. Even the aquarium staff treats him with benzodiazepines so that the show can continue. Blackfish documentary released in 2013 shows how crudely Tilikum lives an absolute torture and what are the causes that literally has become a killer whale. This whale killed three humans in the years 1991, 1999 and 2010. It is precisely what seeks to explain Blackfish, a documentary that became a rallying cry for activists’ animal rights, creating awareness in the people (Prothero et al, 58-60). The first time Tilikum killed a man, was an accident. To jump and perform tricks in the water, kept submerged for too long, an individual cannot expect an animal…show more content…
This is Dawn Brancheau , animal trainer. It is believed that the killer went wild, unleashing a fury in him by 20 years (Donato, 2014). SeaWorld speak of an unfortunate accident, but experts in the field agree that this was an incident caused by a killer whale completely lost his mind. After the death of Dawn, Tilikum left display for one year, but currently still performing at the oceanarium and living a torturous existence (Maple et al,119-137). Black Fish, which analyzed the deaths of two caregivers in Orlando and Tenerife in attacks attributed to the stress of captivity, has been struggling to SeaWorld, the company's main sector. Its benefits have dropped from 120.7 to 87,200,000 dollars and 5.2% attendance (8.3 million visitors). Since the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, the effect called Black Fish it has continued to grow. New Zealand Ingrid Visser, one of the most active scientific against the captivity of orcas and head of Orca Research Trust, said by email from Antarctica: "There has been a profound change in the perception of society between what is acceptable and what does not. And keep these animals in captivity is not. The change is underway and SeaWorld and Loro Parque your business will have to change or disappear" (Maple et al,…show more content…
The six captive orcas in Spain living in Loro Parque, a center which is defined "as the most innovative and modern facility in the world to house orcas, specially built for the welfare of these animals." Almunia details that have an area of 1,000 square meters divided into three pools, which have depths of eight to 12 meters and in which there are a total of 22 million liters of water. The largest pool is about 50 meters in diameter." We exceeded all standards in such parks have a lot more space here obviously do not claim that an enclosure is compared with the sea, although there are moved mainly in search of food," says Almunia, who works with whales in Loro Park for 14 years and holds a PhD in Marine Sciences (Ocraware ,

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