Black Swan Green Poem Analysis

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In both Letters To A Young Poet and Black Swan Green, the main central ideas are the same. The central idea or the thesis of these two stories is The Nature of Beauty. Letters To A Young Poet written by Rainer Maria Rilke, talks about a young poet that has written a poem and wanted Rilke to give him advice on the poem. In Black Swan Green written by David Mitchell, is about this young boy that is thirteen, and talks about how he loves to write. Jason has a stutter which he calls Hangman, so instead of talking and expressing himself outloud he writes. These two stories intertwined by how the two young writers act ¨invisible” and only express themselves in writing, so they try. Madame Crommylenk and Rilke try to explain to the poets that it has to come from within you and it has to have Beauty.…show more content…
Rilke says the “creator” should not rely on “what reward might come from outside.” Instead Rilke says the creator must be “world for himself.” This suggests that beauty is not dependent on others’ ability to see it.(p.3 page ⅔) He also tells him to ¨Describe your sorrows and desires, the thoughts that pass through your mind and your belief in some kind of beauty. Describe all these with heartfelt, silent, humble sincerity and, when you express yourself.¨(p.3 page ⅔) Rilke tells the young poet that beauty only comes from within you, don't keep looking outside of yourself to find the answers. “To keep growing, silently and earnestly, through your whole development; you couldn’t disturb it any more violently than by looking outside and waiting for outside answers to questions that only your innermost feeling, in your quietest hour, can perhaps answer”(p.5 page

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