Black Maps And Motel Rooms: Summary

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“True Detective” Episode 207 features special investigators Anin Bezzerides and Ray Velcoro getting closer to the end of the murder-and-corruption case and even closer to each other. In “Black Maps and Motel Rooms,” detectives Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Ray (Colin Farrell) are near to solving the cases they are handing. But as they both face grave threats to their lives and go into hiding, the tired True Detective characters are suddenly drawn to each other, according to Los Angeles Times. Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) had just been shot dead by Lt. Kevin Burris (James Frain), a corrupt member of the Vinci Police Department. Their circle has gotten even smaller after State Atty. Katherine Davis (Michael Hyatt) was murdered in her car. But Ray…show more content…
Atty. Gen. Richard Geldof (C.S. Lee) and other filthy rich mobsters were among those who attended the black-tie orgy. Ani and Ray are now hiding in a cheap motel room while planning their next move. Because they know that corrupt officials will not even let them get a trial, they are planning to flee the country and redeem themselves by giving the piles of evidence they have to the FBI. The investigators-turned-fugitives also need to find Erica Jonson (Courtney Halverson), who could be the key to solving the brutal murder of Vinci City Manager Ben Caspere. And while they are mapping out their next move, they also have an expected but “underwhelming” sexual encounter in their temporary hideout, The Guardian reports. Aside from Ani and Ray, Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) is also trying hard to survive as Russian mobster Osif Agronov (Timothy V. Murphy) looks to cash in on a high-speed rail project. The Russian is slowly taking over Frank’s businesses in the red-light district. After shooting one of Osif’s men dead, he burns down his casino and club and concocts an escape plan to Venezuela for himself and his wife Jordan (Kelly

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