Polly Schoyer's Beyond The Myth

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Women long ago were just expected to get married, be housewives and have children. That’s it. They had no rights or say in any important matters. Only Men have the power. They decide what happens and solve the problems for the people. One woman, however, decided to take things in her own hands. In Polly Schoyer’s Beyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc, the novel focuses on Joan and her exploits of freeing France from the Englishmen. The history of Joan is important to all French people, women and Catholics (Christians) of the world. She’s is ideal figure of brave and strong women in history. In general, Joan and her exploits are known to many people in the world right now, most of them being Catholics and Christians. Joan’s history is…show more content…
Because they figure if they win one time, they win more money other times. Similarly, Joan had her victory at Orleans. This lead the French Army to many other capture cities in enemy territory. Joan urged Charles to go to Reims so he can be crowned king and she can return home. People can get cocky when they gamble and they’re shock when they lose everything. Joan had this same fate. Joan was sent to the city Compiegne to stop the Burgundian assault. Joan was captured and sold to the English by the Burgundians. The English tried Joan for her exploits in France. They thought that Joan’s visions were lies and consider that as an offense. Also, Joan dressed in men’s clothing which is also a major offense. They made Joan where feminine clothing however she went back and continued to men’s clothing. They burned her at stake for repeated offense. She was very calm when she realized she was going to die and peacefully accepted her fate. This example shows that Joan stood her ground once again. She stood side by her beliefs and refused to let anyone tell her otherwise. Joan is a strong woman and nothing could really scare her. I wish I could be that fearless like Joan. It’s her bravery to make her known to the world

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