Argument Against The Confederate Flag

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You are a veteran on your way to work in the morning. You are flying your confederate flag because you are proud of your heritage and will claim it willingly. You and your family has served the country for generations. You are listening to the radio and they just keep saying bad things about the confederacy. Its making you angry that people will talk bad about someone's heritage. Suddenly you get pulled over and the police tell you to take down the flag you are flying. You are emotionally ruined that you would fight for these people's freedom and they would just shoot you down on your heritage when you fight for theirs. Many people in the United States deal with scenarios like this everyday. Flying the confederate flag is being debated on being…show more content…
When people say north and south that makes it sound like the united states is split in half so why should a small amount of people to hurt the heritage of half of the country. I lived in Georgia for 6 years of my life and confederate flags were everywhere and not just to symbolize someone being a redneck but actually for the peoples' heritage. My family was one of those houses that flew the confederate flag along side of the American flag when we lived in Georgia. Some people still believe in the ideas of the still believe in the ideas of the confederacy. Being confederate didn't mean just being in the south it was a political party just like democratic or republican. Being that the were 9.1 million people in the confederacy there could be millions of people in the united states that supported the confederacy.…show more content…
The actual national flag flown during the confederacy and on plantations was called the stars and bars flag. The battle flag was a flag flown over battle hence the name Confederate Battle Flag. The Ku Klux Klan has admitted to being a american society not a southern confederate society.( People say the Confederate flag is racist but don't realize that the American flag was flown everywhere the confederate flag was. That means if the Confederate flag is racist so is the American flag. Also there were over 3,000+ black confederate soldiers.( ) If the confederate flag is racist for being flown over slaves then so is the American flag because it was flown over the original 13 colonies which all had slaves. ( ) The american flag was flown over slavery for about 86 years while the confederate flag was only flown over slavery for 4 years. The american flag therefore is also a racist symbol because it was flown over slavery for longer. The confederate flag is racist then so is the american flag because both flags were flown over slavery so if the confederate flag should be outlawed so should the american

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