The Pros And Cons Of The Bombing Of Hiroshima

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In only a few moments, several thousand people were killed in Japan. Some were vaporized and others died years later of radiation. The dropping of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki not only ended the war, but also started a fear of these deadly weapons and their capabilities. The atomic bomb was a last resort after Japan refused unconditional surrender (i.e. the winner of the war does as they please with the country that lost). The atomic bomb achieved its deadly goal by fission of heavy atoms like plutonium. The question of what constitutes right or wrong goes hand in hand with what is evil and what is good. We ought to do what is good and we ought not to do what is evil. Less deaths and ending a war is less evil and then continuing a…show more content…
The Report of the Franck Committee states that, “perhaps after a preliminary ultimatum to Japan to surrender or at least to evacuate a certain region as an alternative to total destruction of this target”. Not only does the Franck Committee completely misunderstand the Japanese and their mindset but they also misunderstand the United States and their role in the War. The Japanese did not want to surrender and would do so at no costs. In fact, Japan was preparing for an invasion of their homeland and so were we. From this, it is probable that Japan would not let us evacuate their people for the sake America showing military might. The dropping of the bombs in Japan was the right decision because we offered surrender and they would not take it. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that if Japan will not surrender, then they will be willing to evacuate their cities. Another thing that this article overlooks is that we did tell them to evacuate their cities and they did not. Pamphlets were dropped telling the Japanese to evacuate certain cities and they did not. This goes back to the Japanese mindset of not questioning your country and how brainwashed the Japanese civilians really

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