COPD Readmission Reduction Program: Case Study

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Scope Statement (Version xx) Project Title: COPD Readmission Reduction Program Date: 10/1/2015 Prepared by: Bayo Oshunlalu Project Justification: The COPD readmission reduction project will further amplify our mission statement as a healthcare organization with the sole purpose of rendering services that are safe, effective and efficient to our patient population. The COPD readmission reduction project will ensure the improvement in quality of life for COPD patients with history of poor management of their disease, improve COPD patient participation in their care process, and help ensure continuity of care beyond hospital care. Furthermore, through the implementation the COPD readmission reduction project our organization will be able avoid…show more content…
Patient education will focus on COPD disease management and Medication administration. 2. Discharge planning will include option to transfer to the Phase II (Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center) of the program for patient who meet the criteria. 3. Follow-up visits, and calls from Nurse practitioner, Case manager, Respiratory Therapists will mandated. 4. Durable Medical equipment follow-up/ Outpatient Pharmacy follow-up will be involve during phase II of the program. 5. Primary care & Pulmonary Doctor appointments initiated during phase II Product User Acceptance Criteria: This product will be considered a success if we meet or exceeded all the characteristics and requirements that are listed above. The project team will celebrate success if the project meet the scope, time, and cost of the project.  The project is completed within the project time frame.  The project is completed within budget or less than the budgeted amount.  An 80% reduction in COPD is recorded among patient enroll in the program in 60 days.  Patient quality of life significantly improved 30 day after project start days.  80% reduction in penalties paid by the organization to the federal government. Summary of Project

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