Beowulf: Comparing The Book And Movie

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Beowulf is the story of a brave young man who is mighty and strong. He goes through many trials but always prevails. Beowulf fights many creatures but always overcomes his opponent and ends up on top. This story is thrilling and intriguing, the epic events Beowulf gets himself into are fun to be apart of. Some people are on his side others are not, but that doesn't seem to bother him. In the movie their are a few things that are different from the book, maybe some things that have been left out. In opinion they are both great and have the same moral. Some may be all for the book others all about the movie for whatever reason the story of Beowulf is a unique story told way back and for some reason stuck. Why? Which do you prefer? There are many similar things in the movie and book about the story of beowulf. The conflicts and settings from the movie and the book are very much the same The king and Beowulfs dad had fought many battles together and gotten to know eachother on a personal level. Heriot is the great hall and the swamp to…show more content…
The setting and meaning of the story are the same but the book left some things out that the movie didn’t and vice versa. When Beowulf talked about his amazing adventures he told about the sea and all the creatures he fought and of the battles he had one but he only talks about it in the book never in the movie. In the book Beowulf kills Grendels mother and that’s the end…. Right? Wrong, he actually has another battle not told in the book. A man steals from the king “ Beowulf “ and is caught but runs away accidently falling into a dragon's cave and disturbing it, When the dragon awakes the man runs out terrified of the beast when Beowulf hears he goes to the dragon's cave to kill the animal but another man Is there as well… Beowulf defeats the beast but in the end dies giving the man who had helped him in the cave the thrown to the

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