The Key To Happiness In Oliver's Poem 'The Mockingbird'

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The poem “The Mockingbird” expresses the idea of embracing our true self and embracing it openly to society by not falling into the inclination to mimicking other individual’s behaviour for the sake of social and professional safety. If we develop a practice or habit of eliminating the self consciousness state of fitting in with others and following others, we will be become happier people. Oliver displays this message through the use of the mockingbird. This enables the reader to visualize the transition of the bird who’s able to at last exhibit it’s own sound and not imitate the sound of other animate creatures. The fear of being judged has become a human tendency which has widely spread among individuals in contemporary society and limited our…show more content…
Does fitting oneself to the norms of society give genuine happiness as you’re viewed as “normal” by others? According to “The Mockingbird,” the key to happiness is being honest about who you are and expressing one’s true self to the world. “The Mockingbird” tells us that in order to embrace our true self and portray it to the world, we will need to have a positive attitude in understanding one’s vulnerabilities and perhaps share them with others. As a result, you will be able to better connect with others as they will feel comfortable to in return expose their vulnerabilities thus creating a strong bond between both individuals. The sounds of other animate objects only save the mockingbird temporarily as by mimicking them, they bring a shield to the mockingbird’s otherwise “softer voice” (1. 31). This voice is the mockingbird’s vulnerability and it refuses to share his voice with others but the sky as it wouldn’t be able to judge him. However, this only drifts the

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