Beowulf Compare And Contrast Essay

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Between the movie and the epic poem of Beowulf there are many differences and few similarities. Some of them are fairly small such as the way people look in the movie and how they are described in the book. Others are rather large differences such as the way some of the attacks took place or how some of the men died. The first difference that I noticed right off the bat would be the first time Grendel attacked the men. In the epic poem it is said that all of the men had fallen asleep after a big feast and that is when they were attacked by the monster. On the other hand in the movie they are all gathered, they are feasting and singing loudly. This is a pretty substantial thing to change in a story. The fact that in the epic poem they were sleeping when they were attacked makes me feel sorrow and remorse for the men because they never even had a chance, but in the movie they are wide awake and there should be no reason they couldn’t have put up a good fight against this beast.…show more content…
In the poem he fights the beats mother with great for and it was an intense battle in which Beowulf wins. Now in the movie it shows Grendel’s mother attempting to seduce Beowulf. She promises him to make him a great and wonderful king and she also promises him wealth beyond his wildest dreams. In the book it does not describe Grendel’s mother as being some hot young sexy women. In the poem she attacks Heorot Hall and manages to kill one man. She realizes how strong they are and retreats back to her cave. Beowulf then follows her and she puts up a great fight but in the end Beowulf defeats her using one a sword he found while there. In the poem he cuts off her head and kills her, while in the movie he has what seems to be a baby with

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