Ethnocentricity In Roanoke

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Through the ages many cultures have been subject to ethnocentricity. One of those cultures was the Roanoke. The English were very ethnocentric to the Roanoke. The Roanoke people were strongly affected by these ethnocentric events, so much that it drove Wanchese and many other Roanoke to leave the island. The events that happened between the Roanoke and the English were when the English began calling the Roanoke savages, when John White ventured into the burial ground, and when the drunken men crash a Roanoke religious ceremony. The first event, when the English started calling the Roanoke savages was very ethnocentric. This was the start of the ethnocentric events that happened between the English and the Roanoke. This was ethnocentric on more then one way. The first of which was because they thought they were superior so they could look down on the Roanoke. The second of which was because there was no apparent reason for the English to start calling them that. This was the first event that ended up making Wanchese leave Roanoke.…show more content…
When John White was drawing the Roanoke and their buildings, he stumbled across a room with dead bodies in it. He started drawing it when a Roanoke ran in and said, “no, no, no, priests only” and lead him out of the room. John White was not trying to cause any harm, but this was ethnocentric. He assumed other cultures operated by his principles, so he thought it would be fine to look inside. This event did not affect Wanchese as much as some of the other events but it did affect some of the other

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