Priscilla And The Wimps Essay

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What would you do for your best friend just so they stay safe? In the story ¨Priscilla and the Wimps¨ by Richard Peck Priscilla is protective. The story is about a girl named Priscilla who is an outcast with one friend, Melvin. When Melvin is getting beat up by the Kobras; bullies in the school, Priscilla comes to find ways to protect Melvin in ways people thought she or anyone would ever do. Priscilla is protective because she hits a Kobra, puts Monk in a headlock, and finally puts Monk in a locker and leaves him there. Priscilla is protective because she hits a Kobra. In the passage it states, ¨Then, quicker than the eye, she brings the side of her enormous hand down in a chop that breaks the Kobras hold on Melvin's throat¨ (Peck 2). This shows that Priscilla was at the locker getting her books when Melvin was getting told to give his lunch…show more content…
In the passage it says, ¨And with a single mighty thrust forward, frog-marches Monk into her locker. It's incredible. His ostrich-skin boots click once in the air. And suddenly he´s gone, neatly wedged into the locker, a perfect fit. Priscilla bangs the door shut, twirls the lock, and strolls out of school. Melvin goes with her, of course, trotting along below her shoulder (Peck 3)¨. This shows how she is not worried about Monk, all she cares about is that he´s in a situation where he can´t touch Melvin. This also shows how she thought of her plans before hand because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to pull off shoving him into her locker. This also shows how she´s not like everyone else, she was able to fight Monk and his group to keep Melvin okay, she didn't even seem scared like most kids. If a kid tried to fight Monk they would look terrified and Monk would feed off of that fear and win the fight, but not Priscilla, she stood up for Melvin and up to Monk. In the end Melvin and Priscilla both got out of the school untouched and

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