Benefits Of Jet Skiing

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Water sports, sports within water. Sports made for being in the water or sports that were adapted to now be played in the water. Either way there fun ways to spend an afternoon, weekend, day off or all of summer. Jet Skiing is one of those sports, like a motorcycle on water jetskiings are fast fun and safe ways to spend your time. Jet Skiing can be done on any large body of water with open space. Shawano lake would be a perfect example of this. Lakes and Oceans are prefered, rivers if the crent isn't to much and it's not to shallow. If it's to shallow the jetski can suck up sand and that can damage the engine. Rocks as well, don't pick a place that has a lot of large rocks. Large rocks can wreak the bottom of the haul and in some cases create…show more content…
Quick thinking is another skill that is needed, most people when on a jet ski will be going pretty fast so quick thinking incase something happens can be helpful, like seeing a sudden log and having to turn to avoid it. Benefits of jet skiing are pretty clear to see, it can be a range of emotions. It can be exhilarating as you speed across the lake at 50 to 60 miles an hour, or it can be relaxing as you go 20 miles and just go along the lake. Jumping two foot waves can be exciting and a complete adrenalin rush and slowly going down the river while the fall leaves are coming down can be a peaceful and beautiful experience. It all depends on what you want to…show more content…
Windy days are not for those who prefer a relaxing day out either, as waves can get pretty extreme and the ride will get bumping if you don't know how to drive in that. When riding in waves you should never go head on as this hurts the haul and instead go at an angle so you fall with the waves. It is also a terrible idea to go when it's rain as driving in the rain feels like you're being pelted with pebbles. Be aware of the weather before you go out, to prevent undesired events happening. Jet skis are a fun activity that whole families can enjoy. Taking a ride or doing some tricks either way a jet skiing is a fun sport that everyone should try at least once in there life. Even if it doesn't seem like it, everyone can get something out of it, all they got to do it look. Besides it's never hurt to try something

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