Juveniles Tried As Adults

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Living in prison is by far one of the worst places to live, especially being a juvenile. Juveniles are children under the age of 18 and would be put into prison by being tried and punished as an adult in court. The only way that’s possible in most states is if the juvenile was at least 13 at the time of the offense, but not all children are tried as an adult. Juveniles are more likely to be tried as adults when they have committed a serious offense or they have been in trouble a various number of times before. When juveniles are tried as adults they are more likely to serve a longer sentence or spend their time in a prison or state penitentiary. I chose this topic of Juveniles being tried as adults because the thought of a young teenager in prison is not a pretty one, but the reason and explanations behind it are very interesting.…show more content…
When the law doesn’t require transfer, (To remove or convey from one place or person to another. The removal of a case from one court to another court within the same system where it might have been instituted.) the court has a choice to try a child as an adult. Some juvenile cases get transferred to adult court through a process called a "waiver" (when a judge waives the protections that juvenile court provides. ). Which basically means to take away certain or all juvenile rights in exchange for adult rights. Even though being tried as an adult in court, gives a juvenile more protection, it has downsides too ; Like it being more likely for a more harsh sentence and the possibility of serving time in an adult correctional
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