Becoming Mentally Tough In Arthur Miller's The Troyd

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Troy and his father did not have a great relationship but the experiences did teach Troy how to become mentally tough at his present time. Troy's made The decision to leave his father and find a new life at the age of 14 based on how badly his father mistreated him. Troy one day disobeyed his father and got busted by him. Troy was afraid of his dad and to defend himself and the girl involved, he started to whip his dad. As a result the girl ran off, and his father physically hurted Troy so bad that he woke up the next day staring at his blood not knowing how he got hurt (pg 52). He decided it was time to leave for the better and walked far to the city to find a suitable life. This experience made Troy become mentally tough because what his…show more content…
Although, Troy tried defending himself, his father was just much physically stronger than him. After that, Troy had to recover on his own, there was no one there to baby him or check on him to make sure he was alright physically and mentally. This situation later comes back when Troy is 53 years old. Rose and Troy are having a conversation about why Troy does not let Cory play football. Troy responds saying that Cory has to learn how to make his own way through life, that “ain't nobody going to hold his hand when he get out there in the world”(pg39) act 1 sc3). Troy knows how hard it is to make a living alone because that’s what he decided to do after the situation with his father. Those emotions that were created are still inside of him because he never delt with them properly. Therefore he uses the strength that he learned and gained because of that experience and tries to get his kids to become strong physically and tough mentally like him. Rose is more of the caring, and reserved type of parent and Troy is the more stubborn and stricter kind of parent and husband. Troy seems to be that way to his kids because he did not grow up with a

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