Dont Know Me Thesis

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In the time it takes me to type this 500+ declaration of belief roughly 6,316 people have died while another 15,000 would just have been born (Actually maybe not I should check my math, but it's still a dramatic hook is it not?). Isn’t that a fascinating fact, that despite the mundane banalities of let’s say typing an essay for ELA and sipping coffee that needs a bit more sugar, somewhere else, the mundane is a commodity and miracles happen all around. Well obviously I’m not the first to realise this as since beginning of civilization (oh look what a loaded and perplexing world that is, but that dissertation is for another time) people have learning, exploring, building monuments to scratch the skies and crying over lost loves. Yet all of this is yet a mere blip in the history of the universe. The story star in a suitably mundane place; a coffee shop. When I was young ( I know i’m still young but YOUNG young. Like I couldn’t read chapter books young.) I’d spend most of summer reading books from the library near by, while my brother and his friends would discuss equally benign things. School, grades, girls, while I’d sit reading but not really reading and trying to drink that awful coffee just to prove that I could. Each of those days stuck my, etched into my memory.…show more content…
One of the future. Each of them speaking of college plans brimming with excitement. Except for my brother, who smiled sheepishly because in truth he had no idea what he was going to do. Of course that stressed him, he later told me because he had always been told and had this idea that he had to do something grand, that he had to be remembered by many people. All his time spent doing things to be remembered rather than anything he actually cared

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