Bar Of Chocolate Changed Our Kitchens Analysis

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In science mistakes can take you from almost from making an enormous discovery to the point when you just started. If you study and work hard enough you do not need a mistake to help you have an amazing find. Also, if you work so hard and end up with a mistake the experiment might have to be redone or even completly not used as an idea anymore. A great amount of people think that the mistake could be end up being a good thing, for example Percy Spencer and when he discovered the microwave as he brought in a chocolate bar to work. In the story "How a Melted Bar of Chocolate Changed Our Kitchens" the talk about Percy and his discovery. Many issue in a experiment cannot lead to the major discovery the scientist was looking for. Many scientist have created very famous discoveries that they worked and hard spent large amount of days, month, even years to discover what they were looking for. These scientist did have mistakes but it did not discover what they were working for. They had to work even harder to find after the mistake they made. Like the adventurer Heinrich Shliemannhe wanted to discover the lost land of Troy and it took him many years to do, though he was careless about the finding they were spectacular, he took many years to find it but, he did. "Lost Cities, Lost Treasure" talks about Heinrich's life and what a great adventurer he was. Scientist do not look…show more content…
Scientist are not pleased when they have to redo the experiment. "In Praise of Careful Science" they show that scientist do not want to make many mistakes and try to make as few as many or if possible none. Scientist want to make no mistakes in there experiment, they want to be careful and have it done correctly the first time. Even after Percy Spencer found the microwave while testing it he did not want any mistakes. Problem you create do not always translate to the solution every

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