Ocean Bridge Research Paper

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As I was driving to work over the new bridge in my new used car I just bought a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about my new job at the naval yard. What will my new boss be like? Will by coworkers be nice? Will work be hard? Nevertheless, before I could get too deep in thought the bridge started to sway in a uneven motion that surprised me. I had heard of this happening on the bridge before from a close friend of mine who was the one who had interested me in the naval yard business. But had no thought that it would be as bad as this. But after a couple more swings it was not as startling. As I continued my drive to work the bridge started to sway more violently. It twisted and turned and I could hear the bridge straining to hold the cars on the bridge upright. I knew that any minute the bridge could go tumbling down taking cars and me down with it. Then…show more content…
I decided to make a run for it and leave my car behind . As I was about to get outside of my car to escape to the other side of the bridge, suddenly a defen defining cracking sound came from above me and one of the large pillars that held the bridge upright came down and blocked my only way of getting out of the car. I strained to get out but I knew deep down inside behind my fear I was stuck. Pushing and pulling scared and frightened at the same time I knew the bridge was coming down as I speak . But with my last amount of strength I shoved the door open. I stepped out of my car about to make a run for it when bang it hit me it took me time to adjust but when I finally recovered I looked at what had just befallen me. The bridge was a totally mess with street lamps that littered the pathway laying across the bridge like a

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