Bakery Short Story Essay

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They backtracked to the bakery and from the moment they opened to the door, they were encompassed by the strong smell of vanilla and sugar and bread. At the counter they placed orders for the “Muffin of the Day” and teas. They took seats at a two person table at the window. All the chairs and the tables were made of intricate metal designs and painted a in a variety of colors. The windowsill was lined with aging family pictures and flower pots painted by children. From the ceiling, there were snowflakes strung along and crisscrossed. The steam from the tea creates puffs of clouds swirling in the air. The voices of small talk were hushed throughout the bakery as if every conversation was meant to stay between the two people sitting across…show more content…
He pulls out her chair for her and she sits. He takes her jacket and hangs it on the back of her chair, then sits across from her. His eyes glisten looking at her and neither of them seem to notice their food come to the table. She must have said something funny because the boy starts to laugh and looks away from her for a split second- just long enough to notice Amy still watching them. Now, the boy’s attention is solely on her. The girl sitting across from him vanishes from his mind. He gapes at Amy . The girl turns around to see what he’s looking at and whispers something to him, dragging his attention back. He nods, stands up, and walks over to Amy. “Hey,” He says. Amy stays silent. “Hi, I’m Jane and you must be William.” Jane jumps in. The emphasis she put on the word ‘must’ made her seem all too polite and all too knowing. Jane reaches out her hand and William shakes it. “So, William, what brings you into this lovely little place? Isn’t it just adorable? I sure think it is.” Jane was desperately trying to keep his attention off of Amy, but nothing would work. His eyes never left her. “Hey Amy.” “Hi.” “I thought you weren’t coming home.” “I didn’t think so either, but I wouldn’t consider this my home anymore.” “You lived her all your life before

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