Aztec Civilization: How Long Did They Prosper And Where Did They Go?

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Aztec Civilization A people that derived from the Mexica Civilization, the Aztecs had many great accomplishments. From their prominent religious orders, to their strict education and discipline, their rich foods, intricate jewelry, various clothing, elaborate calendar stone, and even their fun and games, this civilization was way ahead of its time, and the proof is in the facts. So what are the facts? Who were the Aztecs, how long did they prosper, and where did they go? The Aztecs believed that the current world took the sun gods five attempts to complete. According to the Aztec religion it took so many attempts because the gods were bickering. The first creator or head god, Tezcatlipoca, was knocked from his position of power to try and stop the fighting. Because of this, he then turned into a jaguar and destroyed the fifth world. In the other foiled attempts the world was destroyed with wind and two floods. Each time the gods tried to recreate the world they would take turns being the sun. After all of the…show more content…
Very traditionally the fathers would teach the sons and the mothers would teach the daughters. Working was a huge part of the education of the Aztecs; learning how to work the fields and tend to the household. As the kids got older although the parents would still be in charge of much of the education they would often send their children to school. There were many different kinds of school and different branches, your social rank and class all depended on what school you were to go to, if at all. Education was not the only thing that changed as the children got older, as disciplinary measures also got harder and stricter. Up until around the age of eight, discipline was often only received verbally, but as the child became older, punishment was harsh and very physical. The Aztecs believed that this better prepared the child for what real life would be like in the Aztec world as an

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