Rhetorical Analysis Of The First Twenty Hours By Kaufman

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Is it possible for one to learn a new skill fast? In his speech “The First Twenty Hours”, the author Joshua Kaufman indicated just that. He introduced the audience a unique set of techniques and stated that by following a couple of general steps, they too, can enjoy the positive and drastic result from only 20 hours of time investments. But then again, how exactly did he solve the misery of beating the learning curves? To begin with, Kaufman explained that his discovery came to light shortly after he become a first-time dad, for which he realized that in order to participate in the things that he used to find interesting before the arrival of his toddler daughter, now he must adopt his current role quickly and build a strategy to better utilize his limited amount of free time. He then presents a couple of funny examples from his personal experiences and demonstrated esthetically that through prioritizing objectives, eliminating distractions and through making firmly commitments, to achieve our foals of learning something new in a short period of time is not that difficult after all.…show more content…
Instead, he carried on his speech in confidence and finished up with a clearly rehearsed ukulele performance that further proves his message: if we are truly dedicated in pursuing our ambition to learn new skills fast, we should be able to received a solid result from the subjects that we are hoping to study, just like the author. Overall, I found Kaufman’s speech style to be quite clever and successful. Not only did he chose to approaches his audiences in a friendly attitude and with a list of simple vocabulary words, but he also provided visible evidence to show the practicability of his main

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