Becoming A Physician Assistant: Personal Statement

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It was a daring step for me to take, but one that I would never regret. At the age of twenty, I left my home country of Russia and emigrated to the United States to start my life from scratch. Being all alone in a new country, I faced many difficulties while going through the immigration process and settling down in New York. However, my goal of getting a professional education in health care kept me motivated to overcome these obstacles in order to be able to continue my education. My decision to become a physician assistant has been shaped by many life obstacles. I grew up in underprivileged family, my mother was working to provide for me and my brother. We had no means to visit a doctor's office in a time of need. My family was using local community volunteering center, where…show more content…
Unfortunately, my family could not afford to pay for higher education in a medical field. Therefore, I made a decision to study psychology and was admitted to Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. Even though I enjoyed studying psychology, my dream career has always been in direct medical care. In the United States, I continued my undergraduate training majoring in biology at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY. With determination to excel, I have maintained a strong G.P.A. each semester. My academic success was acknowledged by the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. I have considered several different roles in healthcare. However, I realized that being a PA will best serve my skill set, as well as give the ability to chose between different specialties. There are many specialties that I am interested in, and I might want to change them once or twice in my career. In addition, I do my best work as a part of a team, therefore I like the thought of having a physician who I can

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