Autism Spectrum Disorders Video Analysis

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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Experience Empathy Watch What It Can Be Like To Live With Autism It is rather difficult to understand and share the feelings of another individual when it comes to experiencing an autism spectrum disorder. Personally, I would like to know more about what overall causes autism to allow an individual to feel challenged. I would like to know why an individual struggles with a sensory overload within his/her every day life. I am curious to understand why all of the sounds distract the individual and cause an individual with autism to feel distraught. In addition, I would like to know why the individual has a challenging time ignoring the sounds and distractions. Overall, I want to know more about the classification of the disorder and what triggers the individual to feel overwhelmed. The author presented the disorder in an interesting way, which allowed me to visually see what the individual was dealing with. The main idea of the video was easy to understand because of the repetition of loud noises distracting the individual. Nevertheless, the ideas presented throughout the video allowed me to consider how particular individuals in my community have acted around sudden noises. The author portrays the individual in the video as irritated and everywhere the individual goes, there…show more content…
Why are the noises overpowering his actions and does the individual ever continue throughout the day as if he does not have any distractions? I was upset while watching the video because I feel as if individuals do not realize the challenges and struggles individuals with autism face every day. My reaction to the video comes from his frustration with the loud sounds and the fact that he was trying so hard to leave the noise behind, but simply could not. A final question I have is; are all individuals with autism facing this problem every

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