Videography Assistant Job Analysis

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Imagine carrying more than 100-pounds of videography equipment, standing for more than 3 hours, and quickly recording unforgettable moments before it is gone. This scenario may seem unappealing to some people, but I see it as an opportunity to practice my interest and passion in videography. As an assistant videographer to my father’s friend Butch Terciano, I did not know, at first, the stress I would experience, rushing from the church to the reception venue to record a timeless Wedding Anniversary. At every venue we visited that day, I set and dismantled lights to brighten the vicinity, propped two 50-pound digital camcorders to perfectly record the bride and groom, and strategically packed all the equipment into the car. This job always demanded my keen problem solving and exceptional communication skills as a videographer assistant. Videography has helped me improve those certain skills, a necessity to be successful in the future.…show more content…
Working them excited me because I would record moments that the clients would consider satisfyingly timeless and sentimental. The inevitability of mistakes and unfortunate circumstances often jeopardize each booking. Thus, finding solutions to situations such as changing battery packs or tapes in the digital camcorders were common and necessary. By finding solutions, I made quick decisions that benefit the client and me. Moreover, I learned how to work with what I had and how to execute new methods because of last minute

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