Auggie's Transformation In Wonder By R. J. Palacio

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Change can be described as undergoing a formative experience. Middle School is one part of life in which change occurs within and individual because a child will meet new people, learn new things, and think more critically. In Wonder, a novel by R.J. Palacio, the main character Auggie’s transition to Middle School is immensely more troubling than others his age because of his craniofacial difference. Auggie tries to balance his childhood and the fact that he is growing up. Leaving his childhood however, is a hassle because of his difference. Children often make fun of him because of it. Auggie changes the most in this novel because he learns how to handle things better and is more content with who he is as an individual unlike other characters. At the inception of the novel Auggie, is diffident and meek. As a result of him being homeschooled almost all of his life Auggie, feels uneasy with the idea of going to school with other children his age. When he starts school he faces a great deal of bullying. Before he started school he grew his hair long. He “like[s] how [his] bangs cover [his] eyes” because they “help [him] block out things [he] doesn’t want to see” (Palacio 21). This goes to show that he has little confidence in himself.…show more content…
At the trip Auggie and Jack get in a confrontation with older boys from another school. Amos, Henry, and Miles come to aid them when they see that the situation quickly escalates. Following this incident, children at school have a new found respect for all of the boys, especially Auggie. He is now accepted from others at school and he no longer pays attention to Julian’s dirty looks. He and Jack are immune to Julian’s ignorant behavior because they “couldn’t care less” (Palacio

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