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Arab Open University Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) FACULTY OF LANGUAGE STUDIES U214A TMACOVER FORM (2014/2015) Branch: Program: Course Title: Course Code: U214 Student Name: Faten Student ID: Section Number: Tutor Name: Mark Allocated to TMA STUDENT MARK 20% for content : a max of 20 marks marks deducted for lang. & communication errors: a maximum of 4 marks Earned Mark TMA feedback: (PT3) The codification of English language For several centuries, English was the language of everyday life of the lower classes in England before its start to emerge and become the standard language for official government documents. English language went through seven ages and transfer from diversity to homogeneity with a lot of variations…show more content…
He attempted to subdivide the senses of words, so he divide as much as he could the different senses in which often very common words were used. For example: the word ‘take’ can be used in different sentences with different meanings. Johnson has split the word up into 134 different subdivisions such as: ‘take off’, ‘take up’, ‘take out’, ‘take in’. And then he also divided it into transitive and intransitive uses of the word ‘take’. Therefore, there is an extraordinarily sort of elaborate attempt within the defining of any sort of well-known word to define the different aspects, the different particular senses of words, the different ways in which the word could combine with common prepositions. Certainly, there is a sort of mixture and factors that contribute to wither a word get into the dictionary or not, and Johnson had a clear idea of which sources to rely on when he was defining words. He set out to give illustrative examples of not just every word but every sense of every word in several examples from good writers, even add Lots of quotation, from Milton and Shakespeare,. And these illustrative examples were to be from the works that Johnson regarded as the best books of English prose, poetry and drama. He used to read lot of books that he thought constituted the best, not only Milton and Shakespeare, but also went beyond English books and read books for the scientist Isaac Newton, the…show more content…
The use of prescriptivism in a modern English dictionary can be seen in the occasional notation that words are slang, nonstandard, vulgar, etc. However, the prescriptivism is still arising even in the twentieth century with the need for inevitable linguistic change. In 2003, the best-selling book was used to correct punctuation, and ‘old-fashioned’ grammar books. As a conclusion, the dictionary today remains a mixture of description and prescription: it is usually accepted as the ultimate authority, yet at the same time itfollows usage, incorporating new words and meanings as they arise (Seargeant & Swann, 2012, p.

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