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ASPERGER’S SYNDROME Jodi Picoult’s young adult novel, House Rules, is about the main character who has Asperger’s syndrome, which plays a big role throughout the book. Finding more information on the syndrome would help all of us to better understand the book and those who have social syndromes. Asperger’s syndrome is a widely used term used to describe people who have milder or less disabling versions of ASD. It is usually found in adolescents. Asperger’s syndrome is named after the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger. In 1944 he studied the syndrome. The modern conception of Asperger syndrome came into existence in 1981. People with Asperger’s syndrome usually have the same characteristics as another with the syndrome. The main symptoms are problems with social skills, repetitive behaviors or routines, taking words and phrases literally, rage, tantrum, self isolation, lack of eye contact, hard time understanding emotions, and love for unusual topics. We may find this strange or different, but we need to remember they were created in God’s eye also. People…show more content…
Learning the way they communicate and read emotions will help us to be around them without being confused. Imagine you are told that someone is going to come see you (perhaps it is to discuss a job or you are tutoring them at school). There’s one problem. You are told this particular person has Asperger’s syndrome, so communication may be difficult. If they don’t give you any eye contact or it seems they’re not giving a proper response, it’s ok. This is why it’s important to understand not only this syndrome but other syndromes. That person may not understand your point of view or even take you way too seriously. Asperger’s syndrome won’t make them completely alien or foreign. You may even tell yourself we’re living in an Aspie’s world. God wants us to live together as a people, loving and believing in

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