Examples Of Positive Affirmations

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I am no stranger to using positive affirmations, I was unknowing using affirmations when I was a student at school, I still remember them to this day BIC I am beautiful confident and intelligent. I‘ve come to love positive affirmations even more, They help me out the most when I am facing a challenge or I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for example when I was nervous to start my new job the night before I was so nervous I called my sister and told her what I was thinking and how nervous I was and she said Rebeah do you affirmations it made me feel instantly better. When I repeat my affirmations I talk with conviction from the heart I convince that I am whatever I say I am .When used correctly they can completely change your beliefs and help you live a happier life.…show more content…
Positive affirmations, do work if they are practice daily and correctly. Below are a list of my favorite affirmations ,when I read them even once they make me instantly stand taller ,make a list of your own and take a few from my list and repeat daily when you’re in the shower I do mines on my way to work in the car has soon has I reach a particular land mark on my way to work I turn the music of and I start with my affirmations I even make it in to a song I use different tones voices I just have fun with it . List of Positive

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