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Shawn McBride Dr. Christopher B. Bell English 2132 1 February 2015 Naturalism in “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane The late 1800’s to the early 1900’s was a time where most people defined themselves based on social, economic, and biologic status. In the story “The Open Boat,” Stephen Crane writes about four men in the 1800’s trapped at sea who are desperately searching for land in order to escape the awful conditions of the sea. The four men include an oiler, captain, cook, and a correspondent. The only name given in the story is the Oiler’s, whose name is Billie. Crane gives each man an assigned job in steering the boat to safety. The Captain, who is injured, is in charge of steering the boat and giving orders to the other men. The Oiler and the Correspondent both take turn in rowing the boat. The cook bails out the water that enters the boat throughout their journey. The four men are stuck in the middle of the ocean looking for land. They see a lighthouse, but they can’t reach it. The men finally see people on the shore of an island and they all jump off of the boat and swim towards the land. All of the men survive except the oiler, who drowns on his way to shore. Although the men’s quest is not the best trip, they build a strong relationship with each other and overcome their differences. One…show more content…
Naturalism is “the belief that man cannot overcome biological, economical, or psychological preconditions at birth.” This

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