Argumentative Essay: Should We Ratify The Constitution?

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Right now a debate is occurring about if whether or not we should ratify the Constitution. This is an important moment in our country's history, because it will make a big impact on our country's future.We are at a crossroad in the history of our country. The Articles of Confederation are not working and the Constitution isn't going to work either! They don't give the states enough power and are too weak. We can't pay our debts as a nation.The proposed Constitution isn't going to give us a strong central government. The Constitution is going to end up direct taxing us and taking all our money. The states power is going to fall and the Federal government is going to have way to much power over us, our money, and the military. One reason we should…show more content…
The Representatives should represent their state and their community.Melancton Smith is an elite. He thought one man should not represent 30,000 men. According to the speech given by Melancton Smith, "Men of the middling class are in general much more able to understand such concerns, than men of a higher class.""Representatives should resemble those they represent; they should be a true picture of the people and understand how the people live and what they need."This means that the representatives should know the needs of the people they represent or the people of their community. Why would the people have representatives if they had everything they needed? They have representatives so their problems can be told and thought of. So they can be helped.Smith also said the Constitution should have a larger number of representatives. Can one man control 30,000?"I believe that the Constitution should have a larger number of representatives so that it can include members of the wealthy class and a sufficient number of the middling class to control them."This means that with more representatives, the middling class will acknowledge others, unlike the wealthy. More thoughts will be said and put out into others minds. I don't think the Constitution should be ratified for these

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