Romeo And Juliet Love At First Sight Essay

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“Love at first sight/Loving someone” Love at first sight isn’t real because there is no way to know you love someone because it takes a while to fall in love, the feeling should be mutual between the two lovers, and without knowing who they are. In Romeo and Juliet the story is built around love at first sight, but hatsful decisions about love only lead to tragedy in this play. Love at first sight is what Romeo claimed he experienced when he first saw Juliet, though moments ago he was head over heels for Rosaline. This shows that Romeo is rather hasty with his decisions and that he’d practically fall in love with any girl he found pretty. This is one of the reasons for the claim “love at first sight isn’t real”. For Romeo his love at first sight happened with practically any girl he met. In the beginning of the play they had talked about Romeo and Rosaline and somewhat hinted to Romeo being a “ladies man” or “player”, showing he wasn’t completely committed to his previous relationships. His speeches of love are things he’s made many time and it shows lack of respect to women in general because he’s only trying to woo them. If it were truly love he wouldn’t jump around so much. Juliet was…show more content…
Paris goes to Juliet’s father in scene three and continuously expresses his love for Juliet and asks to marry her. Juliet’s father declines claiming she is too young and he wants her to choose for she does not love Paris. Angry, Paris leaves but later stresses to Juliet how much he loves her even though he knows nothing about her. This is another statement Shakespeare made about “love at first sight”. Pairs’ love for Juliet is only one sided. Juliet has no desire to love or marry Paris what so ever. This shows that “love at first sight” isn’t real because if it was the feeling would and should be mutual between the two so called

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