Argumentative Essay: Reinstating The Draft

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Reinstating the Draft There is serious topic that keeps reemerging in the States, one of great controversy that just can't seem to be solved. Do we as a nation obligate everyone to, if called upon, fight and defend this soil? Is it wise to reinstate it, or just plain insanity not to? Do we reinstate the draft? People throughout history, for example Thomas Jefferson himself, believed that it is the duty of Americans to fight American wars, “Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state.” It makes perfect sense that he would push for reinstatement, but the only problem with his quote is that we are no longer in the time of the Greeks and Romans, we are in a new era one that might not require everyone to be in the hat for future wars. While it is our duty to to protect our own…show more content…
It would begin to infringe on the idea that we as citizens have duties and privileges, and everything in life should not be a duty. The draft would also fall too heavily on the minorities of this nation, rather than the rich and privileged. It would just create havoc in this already motivated, loyal, and disciplined military that is unnecessary. The draft would take away the working force, and the young men and the too elderly of men. It would bring in inexperienced, not as motivated people to fight in war they didn't want to be apart of. Contrary to popular belief, we do need the men in this system, and if the draft takes them all off to war where will we be as a nation? Reinstating the draft puts too much pressure on the minorities of our country, threatens the fluidity of our nation military right now, and would continue to push upon the american people duties that are not needed nor

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